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Candle Care 101: Maximizing the Lifespan of Wooden Wick Coconut Wax Candles

Candles have a unique ability to transform a room, filling it with warmth, comfort, and enchanting scents. At Santo and Hiraya, we take great pride in crafting premium wooden wick coconut wax candles that not only provide an alluring sensory experience but also contribute to the charm of your living space. To make the most of your candle's lifespan and ensure it burns beautifully, here's a guide on proper candle care.


Trim the Wick:

The First Burn Matters:

  • For the initial lighting, allow the candle to burn until the wax pool reaches the edges of the container. This sets the "memory" of the candle and prevents tunneling in future burns.

Keep it Level:

  • Ensure that the candle is placed on a stable and level surface to prevent wax from spilling and the wick from drifting off-center.

Avoid Drafts:

  • Drafts can cause uneven burning and excessive smoke. Place your candle away from open windows, fans, or air vents.

Extinguish Carefully:

Burn Time:

  • It's recommended to burn your Santo and Hiraya candle for no more than 4 hours at a time. This prevents overheating and extends the candle's life.

Store Properly:

  • Keep your candles stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can affect the quality of the wax and fragrance.

Container Safety:

  • Stop using your candle when only 1/2 inch (12mm) of wax remains in the container to prevent overheating and potential damage to the container.

Reuse or Recycle:

  • Once your Santo and Hiraya candle is finished, you can repurpose the container for various uses or recycle it in an eco-friendly manner.

Properly caring for your Santo and Hiraya candle ensures that you not only enjoy a beautiful and clean-burning experience but also maximize its lifespan. With these tips, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home while savoring the enchanting scents that our candles offer. Light up your life and your space with Santo and Hiraya candles, and make the most of every burn. Shop for your Santo and Hiraya Candles and candle accessories here.

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